Coaches is the head of the SHOFCO-Youth Football Program. He was born and raised in Kibera and never attended formal high school. He is a constant source of support for the youth who play on the teams he supervises. In six years of leading the football program, he has expanded its reach from 30 members to more than 350. The teams provide a safe space to learn, collaborate, and grow the self-confidence and skills that youth need in order to overcome the daily hardships of life in Kibera.

These children need to play football.”
The Shining Hope Youth Football Program includes teams for boys and girls ranging from 18 years to under 10 years. They compete against other youth teams from Kibera, often walking miles to adjacent neighborhoods with the hope of bringing back local championship titles and the occasional prize jersey or ball. In their free time, when players are not practicing or watching matches, they often gather in a dark tin room to play FIFA on an old teammate’s Playstation. Their passion for the sport, and the community it has fostered, is evident in their shouts and laughter.

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